What is a Premium Account? How do I get one?

What is a Premium Account?

For a little more than a cup of coffee you can enjoy Premium features across all our platforms and clients for a whole year.

Having a Premium Account not only provides you with extra features but it also helps support the continued development of the Palringo platform.


  • No advertising!

  • Themes

  • Up to 100 groups (25 limit for free users)

  • Up to 500 contacts (250 limit for free users)

  • 72 Hour Push Notifications on iOS (3 hours for free users)

  • One-off reputation increase!

  • An achievement for every completed year you own a Premium Account!


How do I get a Premium Account?

Premium Accounts can be purchased through the Palringo website (http://www.palringo.com/en/gb/store) or the in-app store. You can also make another users day by gifting them a Premium Account!


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