Android & iOS 10.3 Open Beta

What to Expect from Open Beta

It’s good to remember that Beta Builds are a pre-release version of the final software and may be unstable, lack features and generally not function as expected. It’s important you’re aware of this before participating. Open Beta can be fun and hugely rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. If you want to join in the process-welcome aboard! If the Open Beta is not for you, that's okay, too. You can change your mind at any time and return to the version you’re used to.

Group Message Moderation

Message moderation now allows Owners, Admins, and Mods within a Group to moderate messages that users send. These can be text, image, voice, bot commands, etc. Messages can be deleted, restored, and their history can be viewed.


As part of Group Message Moderation, we’ve also introduced the “Action panel”. Now, when you long-press on a user’s message, a new bottom menu will pop up. This contains typical Admin actions (if you can perform them) or normal user interaction options.

To access these enhanced moderation features, simply tap on a chat message; a new panel will appear, then tap “delete” on the rubbish bin icon. The message will be deleted.



To moderate a message on iOS, long-press on a user’s message. A menu will pop up. Tap delete.

NOTE: In 10.3 and above, it will show you who has deleted the message. In versions below, it will simply show a placeholders for the text and image that has been deleted. Voice message will just look like a blank voice message that you can’t interact with.

Edit History/Restore [iOS + Android)

If you have deleted or edited a message, you can review the changes. Simply long-press on the edited/deletion message. A menu will pop up with a “edit history” button. Tap this to view the message history and restore a selected message.

Admin Action History (Android Only)

NOTE: iOS already has this feature.

When an Owner, Admin, or Mod in a Group performs an action (kick, ban, silence, etc.), it will not longer display cumulatively at the bottom of the Group chat. Admin actions will now display when they happened.


Connection enhancements have been made to the contact list and Chat on Android.

Reporting Issues

This part is hugely important because you are our eyes and ears. Your feedback can help fix an important issue or help make the correct decision when the answer is not clear. If you think you’ve found an issue, here’s what to do:

Join the appropriate Open Beta group for your language and device (See Below). Post your findings where a member of staff or volunteer will help validate if you have found something new or if it’s already a known issue. Open Beta Groups:

If you would like to offer feedback or have questions, please join these Groups:

If you want to go back to an old build

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